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RV Notebook had this to say

Matt Burt is my new hero!!!

Just recently, the host server we at IV Software had been using for the last three years pulled the plug and skipped town!  Boy, what a nightmare!!!  Not only was our website gone, but all of our email accounts, our forum, our affiliate program, and our personal blog.  My husband, and the developer of RVer's Notebook, Mickey Ivey, had been his own webmaster.  However, Mickey passed away very unexpectedly this past November, and even though I had wonderful support with the software program through his son and a dear friend, I took over the responsibilities of the forum and affiliate program.  The website was okay as Mickey had left it......that is, of course, until our server abandoned us!

Luckily, I mentioned my problem to Dawn Polk of RV Education101, and she quickly emailed me with contact information for Matt Burt.  My stepson made the first contact with Matt, and after we learned of the reasonable fees All Merchants Services would be charging us, we opted to go with them.  Great decision!

Matt has been able to get most everything back up and running in a matter of hours!  I was certainly impressed with his speed and attention to detail.  He has been higly accessible and has been patient with my lack of knowledge on some items.  He is now proposing an update to our website as well.  I certainly look forward to a successful future with our new Web Master, Matt Burt!

SisterWoman had this to say

At, we talked to many so-called "search engine optimization" experts, and they all seemed to offer about the same thing -- tweaking of static pages on the site. As a women's social network site, with many hundreds of new "user-generated" pages created daily, conventional SEO was just not an option for us -- not to mention it would have been cost prohibitive to work on the thousands of pages on our site.

So, we came to Matt Burt, who was already doing a fantasitc job as the webmaster and site administrator. He introduced us to his "dynamic SEO" system that he had successfully used for other sites. I had already seen the results for his other sites, so I was eager to see what would happen when he applied it to our site. The results so far have been amazing. As a women's site, we focus on key words that are commonly searched by our users. After just three weeks, we are quickly moving up the search rankings for EVERY single key word we chose -- and in some cases we're already on the first couple of pages for searches with tens of millions of results.

And there's a side benefit. Because Matt's system is also a content publishing tool, we get the side benefit of coming up at or near the top of searches we hadn't even considered through the specific terms that are introduced in our articles. And again, many of these also have millions of results listed.

I'm convinced that Matt's search optimization system is different and better than any other out there. We're already seeing major benefits through increased signups on our site. I can't wait to see what the future brings as we climb even higher in all our targeted searches.

Chip Rodgers

R. Morgan had this to say

When we first discussed our need to optimize our existing web-site, without loosing its look-and-feel while also developing the necessary infrastructure for our four (4) new web-sites, I was apprehensive to say the least.   Your professional approach to setting our plan in motion, has been gratifying beyond words, laying the path to a long term business relationship..

Anything RV, Inc. now has five operating web-sites, all operational, maintaining continuity, offering any customer visiting our sites a stress free, easy to manage opportunity to purchase products with confidence.

I would highly recommend Matthew Burt and All Merchant Services; their attention to detail,  responsiveness and overall professionalism to anyone requiring the very best in web-development and on-going support.

Best regards, Richard Morgan

Dan French had this to say

Here's what you need to know about Matt -- he can work with anybody.  Even comedy writers.  We brought a jumbled concept of to him, and he has consistently and efficiently found workarounds for every single odd or out of the blue thing we want to do, all while keeping the extremely  powerful core functions of the site singing along without a glitch.  And he's fast!  Man, is he fast.  I am already recommending him to other professionals, so if you want somebody you can rely on to create and maintain a great site, get to him now.

From Dan French

Charles Rodgers had this to say


Here's my heartfelt testimonial.

At -- a social networking site for women -- we felt like we had a great concept and a great potential service to offer our subscribers. We spent many months and a lot of money developing the first version of the site. And at least we at least proved one thing -- that women loved the concept. But the site didn't work for them.

I was introduced to All Merchant Services and Matt Burt through some of the customers, their sites and the glowing responses on this testimonial page. In looking at one site in particular that Matt developed, Happy Camper Club's, one nagging thought kept coming to my mind. Why can't my site have all those features and work so seamlessly? Well, just a month down the road and with Matt's spot-on guidance, we now have the site that we know will truly make the Sisterwoman concept come to life. And the proof is already abundant. The site Matt built for us has turned into a vibrant women's community in less than a week! Our users love the site, and the stats bear it out. We've already gone from a daily Alexa ranking of nearly 500K to well within the first 100K of all sites. And our page views skyrocketed from about 2 per user to nearly 30 per user. All in the first week! I can't wait to see where this goes from here. 

Matt and All Merchant Services have given the foundation it needs and deserves to be a successful and rapidly growing site for years to come. I've thoroughly enjoyed Matt's professionalism, extreme attention to detail and timely response to everything we've asked for. And I look forward to a long and growing relationship Matt and All Merchant Services.  

Kindest regards,

Chip Rodgers

Anne Pierson had this to say

 "We recently created an online social network for the camping and Rving community.  After exploring dozens of formats, All Merchant Services created a community for us that is catching on fire!

The back-end functionality is awesome, easy to manage, and easy to learn.  And the user features are so diverse that the community is "building itself!"  The nature of our social network is such that members are excited to be involved, and are inviting their friends - doing our marketing work for us.  As an administrator, I have never worked with a system that is so easy to manage.  We are only limited by imagination.  Thanks All Merchant - another fantastic project is complete!"

Anne Pierson

RV Marine had this to say

When I took over the website about 6 weeks ago from my father-in-law I was a bit skeptical about the "the web site guy" from New York state.

All of my worries are now gone.  Matt and I have made some serious changes to the site and I have to say that I have learned very much.  He took the time to walk me through the changes and he explained things so that I would understand.

Creating an effective web site is not about making a site pretty or flashy.  It's all about findability in the major search engines!!!  Matt understands this and knows how to make it happen.  Know matter what industry you're in or what purpose your web site serves, findability is the key to everything.  If no one can find your site, what's the point of having one?

Matt's pricing is extremely fair and it his availability is unmatched.  Some times we wonder if he ever sleeps!!  Anyway, thank you so much for all that you do.  We appreciate all your help and patience with us.

Mike McCalip

Phase Four Industries had this to say

Our redesigned web site has gone live less than 1 week ago, and we can not say enough great things about how pleased we are with the changes thanks to Matt.  We always knew our web site needed a little bit of work, but didn't realize how hard it was to navigate your way around the site until Matt performed his magic.  Amazing!  We are a small company, and of course did not have a huge budget when it came to our web site, but Matt still worked with us to accomplish our goals.  What is really great about having Matt as a resource is he finds out what our ultimate goals are and then he guides us and gives us suggestions based on his experience/knowledge.  We are extremely pleased with the results and look forward to working with him over the next couple of months to implement his additional recommendations.  We would strongly recommend All Merchant Services for your future web projects.

Anne Pierson had this to say

 It's one thing to read about search engine optimization and learn all the "insider secrets," but until you can implement the suggestions, you're still at square one.

Since working with All Merchant Services, I have finally been able to get what I need to put my web site in the top 10 on search engines - under every keyword I have been working to target.

Things that seemed impossible to achieve, I now take for granted.  Every tool I have requested (rss feeds, a links directory, a company blog, properly formatted pages, a web forum, etc.) have been installed quickly and efficiently, allowing me to spend my time marketing, knowing that what I need is just a phone call away.

Thanks, All Merchant Services!  My sales are better than they have ever been!

Anne Pierson

Heather E. Heberle, owner Heberle Stables, had this to say

Dear Matt,

Your service to upkeep and reorganize my web site has been outstanding.   I came to you with a big mess and you in no time had my site up and running.    The price is more then fair.  When I have sent you a request for an update, within a day it is complete.  People have told me that the site is easier to find the information.  Now that is good business.

Thank you Matt for honest and professional service.

William R. Heberle
Heather E. Heberle

Peggi McDonald had this to say

I like the challenge of being a webmaster. Adding my own personal touch of creativity to my site at RV is very gratifying. BUT I also am a novice in many areas so I frequently run into trouble.  No matter WHEN I ask Matt for assistance he ALWAYS has time to answer my questions.Matt is so patient and his advice makes it so easy to work through each Question. When I run into a hurdle I can not get over, Matt always finds a solution - thanks Matt from the bottom of my heart!

Matt, I definitely appreciated the assistance and solutions to my several questions since we first touched email base last January.  I also really appreciate the help. Thanks so much for the guidance that walked me through the ropes.

Thanks from a grateful training.

Peggi McDonald

Dawn Polk - Co- Owner RV, had this to say

Hi! My name is Dawn Polk, co-owner (with my husband Mark) of RV Education 101 and RV University and co-founder of Circle of Trust RV Family. I highly encourage you to contact Matt Burt and let him wave his magic web wand to help work with you on your current or future website. Don't hesitate do it now. Matt has helped (and is helping) us implement many things on our websites that I thought would take phenomenal money to accomplish. His talent is so great and his prices so reasonable that I can't say enough. How he stays so organized and makes things happen so fast is mind boggling to me. Thank-you Matt, I can now really visualize tremendous future growth and a strong online presence for our company because of you....THANK-YOU!

Jerry Holloway - Owner, had this to say

Matt, After two years of trying to get some help on my web site you really have come to the rescue.

Getting text and graphics added the way I like it has not been easy until now. Having what I felt was a professionally designed site was out of reach and now it's done in one day! After going through the morass of key words and meta tags by myself it was great to get a web master who knew what needed to be done to get RV Marine higher rankings. I had four web hosts who wanted my business but admitted they "couldn't do key words for the search engines". It is obvious that you really are a "full service" web host. I finally feel organized!

I look forward to our working together for our mutual benefit.

Jerry Holloway

Mark Polk, owner of RV Education 101 had this to say

My name is Mark Polk and I am the owner of RV Education 101 and a co-founder of the Circle of Trust RV Family. I met Matt Burt when we began working on the Circle of Trust RV Family project together. Matt is also a co-founder and without his expertise the Circle of Trust RV Family and the RV Lotto would never have gotten off the ground. I was so impressed with Matt's capabilities as a web master and with how quickly he was able to incorporate new ideas and concepts, that we hired Matt to start a new web site we have been talking about for sometime. We have been dealing with web hosting services for a long time and I have never met anybody as proficient as Matt. His accomplishments with,, and our new site have been amazing in such a short period of time. I would highly recommend Matt to anybody looking for an extremely talented web master with extremely reasonable pricing. Matt has done the same quality work for us at two to three times less than the amount I have paid to have it done elsewhere.  

Mark J. Polk

Anne Pierson had this to say

I would like to tell you about my webmaster.

Our webmaster for Lotto and Circle of Trust is also my personal webmaster for Happy Camper. I started using Matt (All Merchant Services) in December, and since we started working together, he has completely re-designed my site, added a shopping cart, and designed my new affiliate program.

I was almost scared to ask him for a price, since I had been quoted up to $7,000 for the affiliate program and redesign, but he made a special package for me that has already paid for itself (under $500), and he now hosts my site and charges me less per month than I have ever paid.

Anne Pearson

Anne Pierson had this to say

    I have had a web site for over five years, but recently decided to upgrade it and add some e-commerce, newsletter sign-ups, and other forms that my previous webmaster wasn't familiar with.  I had been very comfortable with my webmaster for all those years, so it was a big leap to switch companies, and a little scary to entrust the whole new concept to someone I had never met.

     All Merchant Services was recommended to me by a business friend, and we started re-vamping my site about two weeks ago.

    The design integration from my old site has been flawless, creative and at some times, inspired.  All the new features I wanted were added with such ease I could hardly believe I hadn't made the move to do this before.  I especially like the "live editing" capability Matt uses, which allows me to critique the progress in real time, seeing changes immediately, tweaking copy, and giving input as the new site progresses.  We will be up and running much sooner than I originally thought, and though we have run into many more hours of labor than we anticipated, Matt worked the finances out with me in such a way that I am still paying less than I was before.  I will go into this new project very satisfied that my web costs are less, and the services more comprehensive than with any other company I have ever used.  My monthly fees include the hosting of my site, e-commerce solutions, marketing tools, data tracking, and technical support that has been immediate and friendly.  If you are "stuck" with your web site and need the help of someone with vast experience and knowledge of how to help you, not only with design, but with making your site rank higher in search engines and how to run marketing campaigns online, you need look no further.  I am a very happy customer, and would be glad to respond to your e-mail, should you wish to contact me for a reference.

 Anne Pierson

Paulette Deckers had this to say

Dear Matthew,

 I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how great it has been working with you on the transition of my web-site. While my web-site already existed, you were able to get a grasp on how to make the necessary changes in a timely and effective manner so that no valuable data was lost or misplaced in the transference from my old web-host to your host site.

I immediately felt at ease talking to you through e-mail and especially on the phone and I really appreciated your quickness to help me resolve my problems with my web-site.  You gave the impression that you were very knowledgeable about web-site building and hosting without making me feel like a dolt for not having the slightest clue about any of it. The confidence you display is very reassuring for someone like me who owns a small business and needs technical assistance through the web.

I look forward to working with you throughout the next several months to obtain the vision that I have always had for my business and my web-site. You have been a real ray of light in a tunnel of darkness!

Thank-you, Paulette Deckers

Julie Hillman had this to say

Hi Matt,

I feel this is way overdue, and I wanted to Thank you for all your help so far.

You have to know that building websites for inexperienced people like myself is, to say the least, challenging.  I'm sure you laughed when I asked "what does HTML mean?"  And now, here I am, helping to build an original site that I've only seen in my head.  It's very satisfying.

I'll bet it's not easy for someone like yourself to be patient with someone like me.  You work so fast and do it right the first time.  I know if I come up with an idea or need a change, it'll be done that day.  More often than not, it's that hour!  (that whole inventory fiasco I started, you finished in 6 hours.  It took me weeks just to get started!!)

You should think about raising your prices someday.Responsive designers are hard to find these days. And your worth alot!
Thanks, Julie Hillman
Grrl in Charge

"That's brilliant, works really well."

I contacted All Merchant Services custom scripting service to integrate my website with my Payment Service Providers software.
I was contacted that same morning with an extremely competitive quote and the work was started within the same day.
The following evening, the site was fully integrated and I was supplied with an easy to use admin program.

I am more than happy with the work that has been done, the whole process from the quote to completion was very quickly and proffesionally handled.

Best wishes

Anthony Punshon


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