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I have had a web site for over five years, but recently decided to upgrade it and add some e-commerce, newsletter sign-ups, and other forms that my previous webmaster wasn't familiar with. I had been very comfortable with my webmaster for all those years, so it was a big leap to switch companies, and a little scary to entrust the whole new concept to someone I had never met.

HCC Web Services was recommended to me by a business friend, and we started re-vamping my site about two weeks ago.

The design integration from my old site has been flawless, creative and at some times, inspired. All the new features I wanted were added with such ease I could hardly believe I hadn't made the move to do this before. I especially like the "live editing" capability Matt uses, which allows me to critique the progress in real time, seeing changes immediately, tweaking copy, and giving input as the new site progresses.

We will be up and running much sooner than I originally thought, and though we have run into many more hours of labor than we anticipated, Matt worked the finances out with me in such a way that I am still paying less than I was before.

I will go into this new project very satisfied that my web costs are less, and the services more comprehensive than with any other company I have ever used. My monthly fees include the hosting of my site, e-commerce solutions, marketing tools, data tracking, and technical support that has been immediate and friendly. If you are "stuck" with your web site and need the help of someone with vast experience and knowledge of how to help you, not only with design, but with making your site rank higher in search engines and how to run marketing campaigns online, you need look no further.

I am a very happy customer, and would be glad to respond to your e-mail, should you wish to contact me for a reference.

Anne Pierson