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Hi Matt,
I feel this is way overdue, and I wanted to Thank you for all your help so far.

You have to know that building websites for inexperienced people like myself is, to say the least, challenging. I'm sure you laughed when I asked "what does HTML mean?" And now, here I am, helping to build an original site that I've only seen in my head. It's very satisfying.

I'll bet it's not easy for someone like yourself to be patient with someone like me. You work so fast and do it right the first time. I know if I come up with an idea or need a change, it'll be done that day. More often than not, it's that hour! (that whole inventory fiasco I started, you finished in 6 hours. It took me weeks just to get started!!) =

You should think about raising your prices someday.Responsive designers are hard to find these days. And your worth alot!

Thanks, Julie Hillman
Grrl in Charge
Julie Hillman